The 3rd Quarter of 2011 contained no major surprises to any of our tracking monitor – RBSM, sales trends previously established. The book category of Art/Photography/Architecture is still leading the way in the rare book category breakdown. The higher sale price comeback for this category started at the beginning of this year and has been […]

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During the 2nd quarter of this year, our sales tracking monitor – RBSM, has shown a continuation of interest in the popular categories of Art/Photography/Architecture, Modern first editions, and Religion & Theology. Notably,  Modern first editions attained  a new, highest level of interest compared to prior periods.  In the category of Religion & Theology, a […]


We track monthly sales from a variety of sources and compare the highest sale price items to historic quarterly pricing to determine if there is a significant shift upward. The results are further analyzed to determine the book categories being impacted. Our current book category breakdown includes: Art/Photography/Architecture Business and Economics Children’s and young adults […]