book fairs

Below you can find a selective list of Book fairs  at which we believe there should be a number of rare books at reasonable, if not bargain, prices. So if you are in the area or can be in the area do not miss the opportunity. The list below is for the month of September […]


The Vermont Book Fair

by Liz on August 12, 2011

The magical aspect of book fairs is that with the simple addition of books and sellers correlated under one roof, any building, whether large or small can be instantly transformed into a book lover’s wonderland. Take what is an ordinary skating rink, conference center or school on the exterior, and enter the interior of a […]


We track monthly sales from a variety of sources and compare the highest sale price items to historic quarterly pricing to determine if there is a significant shift upward. The results are further analyzed to determine the book categories being impacted. Our current book category breakdown includes: Art/Photography/Architecture Business and Economics Children’s and young adults […]