Toys for the collector

by Admin on November 28, 2017

More than 100 years before the invention of educational gaming software, there were “novel and game,” educational board games which came complete with game pieces and instruction booklets, and were often accompanied by the novels which provided the basis of such creations.  Educational resources that combine gaming and education into one can be very effective […]


Below you can find a selective list of Book fairs  at which we believe there should be a number of rare books at reasonable, if not bargain, prices. So if you are in the area or can be in the area do not miss the opportunity. The list below is for the month of September […]


Slow but Steady

by The bookworm on July 9, 2011

Ask any rare book dealer – “how’s business” and the response may very well be – “slow but steady.” Regardless of whether selling books on-line or through bricks and mortar outlet stores, the nature of the business is not very volatile with peak and valley type of activity. It is a business that can never […]