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by Liz on February 6, 2012 · Children's rare books

Valentine's Day memories of Tasha Tudor

As hearts and thoughts turn towards the one wondrous day of every year where individuals of all walks in life pause to ponder and reflect on the love which they are fortunate enough to feel for an individual of their acquaintance, it should come as no surprise that, once again, the remarkable creativity and beauty of the author and illustrator Tasha Tudor serves as an inspiration for ideas and ways in which to show your beloved how very much he or she means to you. Within her rare books of A Time to Keep, Tasha Tudor’s Heirloom Crafts, and All for Love, any individual who is striving to find a way to make the observance of Valentine’s Day memorable, will feel very much as though a treasure trove of ideas and possibilities has been unlocked.
In the lovely account of month by month traditions and celebrations, A Time to Keep, Tasha’s family customs in honor of Valentine’s Day are portrayed with lovely watercolor illustrations of young children, corgis, and of course, homemade valentines. Tasha established the practice of valentine correspondence with her children via Sparrow Post, and throughout the years she faithfully worked to create breathtaking and intricate valentines which were supposedly sent from the children’s dolls and stuffed animals. This practice is delightfully depicted within the pages of the book, along with sweet and heartwarming illustrated representations of the joy which this tradition emitted. As Tasha charmingly describes in the book, “We had a small post office in those days. Valentines came by Sparrow Post. The doll family received valentines. So did all the corgis. And Miss Puss got a catnip mouse.” Indeed, Tasha created a haven of tranquility and imagination for her children, which is clearly observed in each of her delightful works.
Within the exquisite content of her Tasha Tudor’s Heirloom Crafts, numerous thoughtful, innovative and heartwarming craft and gift ideas are found, which Tasha herself took great joy in creating for those she loved. As Valentine’s Day was a significant observance in the lives of Tasha and her offspring, there is most certainly material in the book pertaining to the holiday. One interesting thing which the book mentions is a tiny book that Tasha painstakingly put together, which includes every tiny and elaborate valentine that was sent through Sparrow Post during the time of her young ones’ childhood. Invaluable inspiration and wisdom can be gleaned from the pages of Tasha Tudor’s Heirloom Crafts, as it tirelessly offers one idea after the next of gifts which that special someone will treasure for whatever holiday it is presented for.
All for Love is, in a sense, exactly where the book Take Joy! left off. Like Take Joy! All for love is an incredible amalgamation of stories, songs, recipes, and famous poems, which are centrally themed on the emotion of love. Rather than merely focusing on romantic love however, All for Love very tenderly portrays the love that is felt among members of family, and between mother and child. While Tasha very adequately gives romantic love the honor that it is due, she hails love in all its forms, as the binding and universal feeling which unites every individual on this earth. Here the aspiring Valentine’s Day observer will find everything that is needed in light of special foods to make and enjoy with a loved one, unique gifts to give and receive, and memorable traditions and activities to take part in with every loved one in one’s life.
In short, there is truly no better alternative than to refer to Tasha Tudor’s captivating and enthralling works for Valentine’s Day notions and surprises, which will make any individual of choice feel loved and valued on this very special occasion. While surrounding the reader with beautiful illustrations, heartwarming text, and ingenious ideas and inspiration for celebrating Valentine’s Day, stepping back into the world and creativity of Tasha through each of her lovely works will serve to refresh, excite, and infuse us with the very nature of love that she so joyfully expressed during her life.

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