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by Pete on January 11, 2013 · Comic Books

Neil Gaiman

In comic books, favorite writers are often bound to have more collectable value even if the storyline isn’t that great. If Stan Lee was to write an issue of Spiderman, for instance, it is guaranteed to sell out before it is even distributed. But what about cult writers or the ones who are often contracted to write a story arc?  Some of these cult writers may hold the key to the next collectable series, and the more familiar you are with their work the more likely you are to come across a potential rare comic book.

Amongst a lengthy list of notable writers, one of my personal favorites is Neil Gaiman. This award winning favorite writer has his own comic book line, (Sandman) but has also written well received books (American Gods), as well as an acclaimed TV series (Doctor Who episodes and Neverwhere).  However, Gaiman has a relatively small number of publications, and he can be found contributing to or writing for a number of comic book series. These story arcs are of excellent writing quality, and are usually quite sought after. Surprisingly though, this work of Gaiman’s has remained unnoticed for the most part so far. This provides an edge and a potential opportunity to those that are familiar and have learned to appreciate the writer’s astonishing work.

Another writer that is a cult classic is Steve Niles. Steve Niles is a master in horror writing, and his usual work is on less mainstream comic publications. Famous Niles work includes Simon Dark (DC), 30 days of night and Spawn:Dark Ages. Steve Niles is another author well worth keeping an eye out for because the value of his work is also underappreciated, yet the potential for growth in the future is almost definite.

Brian Azzarello is another upcoming author who has been around for a while. Azzarello’s work is unique in that it has a gritty feel to it, which may be why he is favored by a large group of readers who tend to enjoy his writing. His most famous work includes Joker, 100 Bullets and Batman Broken City, but he has written for a number of series, and his work is sought out although it’s still easy to find. Keep a lookout for any new work by Azzarello in any major comic series, as his arcs are usually highly reviewed.

Alan Moore has a semi-celebrity status in the comic book world. Although he has written some of the most acclaimed comic books such as Watchmen and V for Vendetta , Alan Moore has also written other series and arcs, many of which are easily overlooked by a mainstream collector.  Series such as Swamp Thing, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Batman, The Killing Joke and Albion are known, but are not out of the average collector’s reach. Alan Moore has put his stamp on a number of things, most of which are of good quality (some of which are banned in certain countries), and which have a great collectors value to them.

Garth Ennis is another writer who is often overlooked. His work is mostly noticeable for its extreme violence, sex and swearing. Some of his most noteworthy works are The Preacher and The Boys, both of which have an excessive amount of sex and violence, but contain well laid out storyline and plot twists, which make him a favorable writer amongst a lot of comic book fans.

There are more and more comic book writers emerging into the comic book industry, and collectors should always be looking for new writers with excellent reviews and a unique set of qualities to their skill. These writers are likely to be the upcoming stars that may end up being fan favorites, and who will be worthy of collecting. First issues where a favorite writer has made his/her appearance is very likely to be a highly sought after issue as well. So next time you are evaluating some new collectible purchase, look for the writer’s name among the rest of the attractive attributes. It really is important.

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