The first book illustrated by Robert Crumb does not rank as high by his large group of followers, as some of his underground comic magazines.  However, the controversial, American cartoonist and musician released his first book as well as the first issue of his first comic book around the same time. The year was 1967 […]

The collectible Weird Tales pulps

by Pete on September 27, 2013

Without television widely available, the medium charged to provide bigger-than-life heroes, pretty girls, exotic places and strange and mysterious villains was in the form of low quality paper between beautifully decorated covers. It was the early twentieth century and “pulp magazines” were the breeding ground for much of the creative work of the times. The […]

We have talked about the first issues, rare issues and the first appearances of comic books before, but now I will let you in on a little secret. Until recently, the last issue of a comic book series didn’t seem to matter at all. It was simply a comic book that gradually aged and collected […]

Someone to die for, at least once.

by Pete on February 22, 2013

Deaths are never a pleasant event in one’s life. That is, of course, with the exception of deaths drawn in comic books. Although fans usually have a hard time accepting the death of a favorite, popular character, chances are that he or she eventually gets resurrected. Keeping an eye on deaths may also contribute to […]

Cult writers and story-liners

by Pete on January 11, 2013

In comic books, favorite writers are often bound to have more collectable value even if the storyline isn’t that great. If Stan Lee was to write an issue of Spiderman, for instance, it is guaranteed to sell out before it is even distributed. But what about cult writers or the ones who are often contracted to write a story […]

The rarest comic books around are usually those whose story incorporates a real life event or depicts the significance of change in the real world. Such comic books are often sought after either by comic book collectors or by people collecting particular memorabilia of that specific event. For example, the horrific attacks on 9/11 understandably […]

Certain special issue numbers of comic books are a rarity that are often sought out by a great deal of collectors. As far as certain comic books go, they will only reach that particular milestone once, and when they do they will brazenly proclaim the fact with nice enticing covers, special variants, and much more. Issue […]

Smart Rare Book Collecting

by Pete on April 12, 2012

I was watching an episode of the TV show Pawn Stars the other day, where a man sold a book potentially owned by Sir Isaac Newton to a pawn star for $7000. The rare book published in Latin in 1546 is titled De Natura Fossilium (On the Nature of Fossils), and is by Georgius Agricola. […]

Last month I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the London Super Comic Convention at the Excel Centre. On top of that, I got to meet Stan Lee, the legendary comic book creator best known as the man who created the Marvel Universe, and got an exclusive, authenticated poster signed by him. Needless to say […]

Whether you are in the market for a rare comic book purchase or are perhaps always on the lookout for a great buying opportunity, may we suggest that you start by reading our article on “rare comic books and what makes them valuable.”  It contains some great tips on what to look for in collectible […]