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Speculations on the future of the rare book market analyze the dynamics behind both the demand and the supply quite extensively. Demand for rare books in the United States and arguably the rest of western civilization is largely consumed by some long-standing cultural behaviors. Generalizations that are based on collector stereotypes that are broken up by […]


Collectible Pocket Books

by Admin on September 6, 2013

The full-page ad in the June 19, 1939 edition of the New York Times titled “The New Pocket Books that may revolutionize New York’s reading habit,” read:  Today is the most important literary coming-out party in the memory of New York’s oldest book lover. Today your 25 cent piece leaps to a par with dollar […]


Rare books in the Year of the Snake

by Admin on February 19, 2013

At the beginning of last year in the midst of a slew of exciting exhibits and predictions made by institutions about the literary explosion that was expected to take place in China, we wrote an article titled “2012 – The Year of China.”   We appropriately concluded that “only time will tell whether 2012 turns out […]


Historical trends on e-book sales from the last few years convinced a number of analysts to postulate and project that by the end of 2012 e-books will comprise 50% of total book sales.  As the financial results from companies such as Amazon, Pearson, Simon & Schuster and Barnes & Noble got released, one indication became […]


The upcoming weekend of November 16-18 draws book lovers in the United States to two events that are not to be missed. This is especially true for those who are located close to the cities of Boston, Baltimore, or Washington DC. The first is the 36th annual Boston International Antiquarian Book Fair, and the second […]


Collectible Books on Books

by Admin on October 23, 2012

It’s beginning to look as if the great e-book debate is shaping up along demographics – the younger generation is driving towards a world equipped with Kindles, while physical books and private libraries are for people with more to spend. Does this imply that at some point in the future sales of e-books will surpass […]


In ancient Roman times, those who could afford it commissioned workers to build impressive courtyards in their homes which amassed grandiose fountains and intricate tile mosaics, in an effort to display their prominence and prestige. Today the fervor towards exhibiting personal interests and good taste in homes has turned a bit more subtle.  Now more […]


The rarest comic books around are usually those whose story incorporates a real life event or depicts the significance of change in the real world. Such comic books are often sought after either by comic book collectors or by people collecting particular memorabilia of that specific event. For example, the horrific attacks on 9/11 understandably […]

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It is not uncommon for people with book collections to harbor concern towards the new generation’s lack of interest in picking up a hobby such as rare book collecting. The old assumption that a collection would remain in the family and that the family’s “library” would accumulate with each generation is sadly a thing of […]

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As we get more involved in the rare books world, it becomes apparent how little we know, and how much more there is to learn about the amazing world of books. All of a sudden our outcry tends to become, “I want to be a better rare book lover!” In this context, better means more […]