I was born in Mainz, Germany. I lived for the first month of my life in a printing plant before being brought to a merchant. I can remember very little about that time, for as soon as I left the plant I was securely stored away in a bookcase outside of town.  I was very […]

It is never easy to deliver a new idea, a new invention, or a new product. In his famed article, “Is Google Making us Stupid?”[1] Nicholas Carr notes that Guttenberg’s invention was met with anxiety by many, who worried that “cheaply printed books would undermine religious authority, demean the work of scholars and scribes, and spread […]

As a bibliophile school teacher, a strong fondness for the world of academia and learning continues to resonate in my heart as each academic year goes fleeting by. This love has propelled me to take every opportunity that I can to engage in a learning atmosphere, even during my summer breaks. This summer I decided […]

In ancient Roman times, those who could afford it commissioned workers to build impressive courtyards in their homes which amassed grandiose fountains and intricate tile mosaics, in an effort to display their prominence and prestige. Today the fervor towards exhibiting personal interests and good taste in homes has turned a bit more subtle.  Now more […]

The University of Crete Library has a large number of rare books as well as a significant amount of archival material. These items were acquired after 1978 through donations from the personal libraries of a considerable number of Cretan – in the most cases – intellectuals, as well as through the purchase of a number […]