antiquarian book market

The Rare Book Sale Monitor has given collectors new ways to structure their search for new additions to their collections using market trend indicators. Our view is that genre and author strategies can complement one another, and, that additional breakdowns can improve visibility and help structure collections to produce the desired results. In the case […]

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Collectible Pocket Books

by Admin on September 6, 2013

The full-page ad in the June 19, 1939 edition of the New York Times titled “The New Pocket Books that may revolutionize New York’s reading habit,” read:  Today is the most important literary coming-out party in the memory of New York’s oldest book lover. Today your 25 cent piece leaps to a par with dollar […]


Educational Books on Books

by Admin on February 26, 2013

In last year’s posting titled – “Collectible Books on Books,” a list containing some of the most collectible books themed after the practice of book collecting was published. It was put together by contributing book dealers specializing in the genre.  Included in the list were primers on bibliomania such as “A Gentle Madness” by Nicholas […]


Once more the world is believed to be ending on December 21, 2012. This time it is believed to have been the prediction of our famous prophet from the 16th century,  Nostradamus (Michel de Nostredame)   The year 1999, seventh month,  From the sky will come a great King of Terror:  To bring back to […]


I talk with booksellers every day, and lately a large number of them tell me that they are finding it harder to justify the cost of producing new catalogs or catalogues to our friends across the pond. These are the publications containing a list of merchandise that the bookseller is featuring and promoting. Many booksellers […]

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With the book fair peak season well underway, sponsors, dealers and collectors are looking forward to yet another rewarding year coming from the traditional rare book marketplace, which proved time and time again to be very much alive. From the very early beginnings in the Middle Ages, despite internal strife and religious upheaval, books became increasingly […]


Rare books, like other collectibles such as art, fine wine, coins, gemstones and baseball cards, belong in the class of investments called hard assets.  These tangible assets are considered by many to provide a safe haven from the stock and bond market and more recently the real estate market downturns (real estate is also considered a […]

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If you are a rare book collector as well as a wine lover, and you happen to be in France during the third week of August, then it is simply a must that you visit an extremely interesting and  promising Antiquarian book market. At the large shaded square of Beaumes-de-Venise (84) of France, in a location that is melodiously lulled by […]