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Why are my rare books not selling?

by Admin on September 13, 2012

If you are like me you probably have accumulated a few hundred or perhaps a few thousand books that have aged significantly. I am referring of course, to inventory ageing rather than years since publication type of ageing. Why are these books not selling?  These are rare books without any flaws, quite scarce in fact, […]


We all have come across books that are in bad condition. Books that have suffered the consequences of exposure to one or more of the enemies of paper books, such as water, mold, smoke, dirt, direct sunlight, dust, insects, bad shelving and so forth. As any rare book collector should be familiar with, some of […]


Rare books, like other collectibles such as art, fine wine, coins, gemstones and baseball cards, belong in the class of investments called hard assets.  These tangible assets are considered by many to provide a safe haven from the stock and bond market and more recently the real estate market downturns (real estate is also considered a […]

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Rare Books 102

by AndreChevalier on January 30, 2012

We continue our educational series on collecting rare books with some additional insights specific to the storage of rare, old, antiquarian and vintage books. In our introductory write-up entitled “Rare Books 101,” we provided a summary of topics pertinent to book collecting to get one familiar with the terminology and broad aspects of the art […]


Rare Books 101

by AndreChevalier on January 16, 2012

The question of where to begin reading more about rare books is an enigmatic query faced by many individuals who are interested in familiarizing themselves with the fascinating rewards that are inevitably attained in the world of rare, old and vintage books. We believe that a short introduction with a 101 post on rare books […]


Rare religious books have high value not only in a monetary sense, but in a sentimental way as well. Their sentimental value increases even more if they have come from the holy land, or perhaps the country of the family’s ancestors. In our rare religious books article, the value of several rare books that were sold over the past years were listed in […]