Why are my rare books not selling?

by Admin on September 13, 2012

If you are like me you probably have accumulated a few hundred or perhaps a few thousand books that have aged significantly. I am referring of course, to inventory ageing rather than years since publication type of ageing. Why are these books not selling?  These are rare books without any flaws, quite scarce in fact, […]


As every rare book seller knows, pricing a book to market is often one of the most difficult tasks performed in the trade. Prices set too low may mean that there is additional revenue that could be earned if the potential collector is willing to spend more to acquire the book. On the contrary, prices […]


If you are looking to invest in a book or books defined as rare, old, used, vintage, unusual, antiquarian and so forth, chances are you will spend some hefty amounts of money. A lot of people become skeptical when buying a rare book for all sorts of reasons:  Is it as described?  Is it going to […]