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Since 1949, AB Bookman’s Weekly, which ceased publication 50 years later, strived to establish the criteria for grading the condition of used books. AB’s definitions of “Very Fine” (or “As New”), “Fine”, “Very Good”, “Good”, “Fair”, and so forth, have basically become the industry standard. The condition of each book is, in a very real […]


     It is a truth universally acknowledged…that it is the habitual human tendency to tuck away nearby photographs, letters, and other articles into the pages of a beloved book. Whether these objects are placed among the pages for the sole purpose of marking one’s progress in the book, or to perhaps protect a valuable paper […]

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Rare Books 101

by AndreChevalier on January 16, 2012

The question of where to begin reading more about rare books is an enigmatic query faced by many individuals who are interested in familiarizing themselves with the fascinating rewards that are inevitably attained in the world of rare, old and vintage books. We believe that a short introduction with a 101 post on rare books […]


If you are looking to invest in a book or books defined as rare, old, used, vintage, unusual, antiquarian and so forth, chances are you will spend some hefty amounts of money. A lot of people become skeptical when buying a rare book for all sorts of reasons:  Is it as described?  Is it going to […]


What makes a rare book rare?  For any commodity to be called rare, scarce, or hard to come by,  the fundamental economics law of supply and demand is the primary factor. The higher its demand vs its supply the rarer of a commodity it becomes and that should result in higher pricing. Different commodities become rare for different […]


Rare religious books have high value not only in a monetary sense, but in a sentimental way as well. Their sentimental value increases even more if they have come from the holy land, or perhaps the country of the family’s ancestors. In our rare religious books article, the value of several rare books that were sold over the past years were listed in […]


If you are a rare book collector as well as a wine lover, and you happen to be in France during the third week of August, then it is simply a must that you visit an extremely interesting and  promising Antiquarian book market. At the large shaded square of Beaumes-de-Venise (84) of France, in a location that is melodiously lulled by […]