Valuable Books

Rare books are collectibles and the month of April brings capital gain, estate or gift tax considerations to those of us residing in the United States. Whether you have decided to sell off parts of your collection or bequeath it to an heir, Uncle Sam wants to know. Failing to manage valuable asset holdings properly […]


Rare religious books have high value not only in a monetary sense, but in a sentimental way as well. Their sentimental value increases even more if they have come from the holy land, or perhaps the country of the family’s ancestors. In our rare religious books article, the value of several rare books that were sold over the past years were listed in […]


If you are a rare book collector as well as a wine lover, and you happen to be in France during the third week of August, then it is simply a must that you visit an extremely interesting and  promising Antiquarian book market. At the large shaded square of Beaumes-de-Venise (84) of France, in a location that is melodiously lulled by […]


The definition of a “first edition” and the categorization of a book as a “first edition”, have long been loosely coupled to disassociate a book’s true value from such a classification. Fredson Thayer Bowers, an American bibliographer and scholar of textual editing, gave us the modern definition of a “first edition” in his book Principles […]