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Someone to die for, at least once.

by Pete on February 22, 2013

Deaths are never a pleasant event in one’s life. That is, of course, with the exception of deaths drawn in comic books. Although fans usually have a hard time accepting the death of a favorite, popular character, chances are that he or she eventually gets resurrected. Keeping an eye on deaths may also contribute to […]


The Treasures Laid-In

by The bookworm on November 16, 2012

Often times dealers are selling, along with a particular rare book, other important material that was laid into the book by the owner, author or publisher either for reference or unintentionally. An item laid-in is something which is included with, but not attached to the book, such as a sheet of paper, a card, a […]


     It is a truth universally acknowledged…that it is the habitual human tendency to tuck away nearby photographs, letters, and other articles into the pages of a beloved book. Whether these objects are placed among the pages for the sole purpose of marking one’s progress in the book, or to perhaps protect a valuable paper […]

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