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There has scarcely been a time when the name F. Scott Fitzgerald and the title The Great Gatsby has been so frequently mentioned with curiosity and awe. While the 1925 debut of the modern first novel certainly received its due fame, and while the 1974 film rendition made its premiere to the “watching” world, the […]


A Perfect Book Sale

by Liz on April 23, 2013

The 2013 Five Colleges Book Sale, now on its 52nd year was held this past weekend at its usual location in Lebanon, New Hampshire. The event proceeds benefit New Hampshire and Vermont students who receive scholarships to attend the five colleges of Smith, Vassar, Wellesley, Mt. Holyoke and Simmons. The event has always been one […]


Educational Books on Books

by Admin on February 26, 2013

In last year’s posting titled – “Collectible Books on Books,” a list containing some of the most collectible books themed after the practice of book collecting was published. It was put together by contributing book dealers specializing in the genre.  Included in the list were primers on bibliomania such as “A Gentle Madness” by Nicholas […]


Thank You!

by Admin on February 5, 2013

Much of what we do here at is discovering rare books, and the stories that accompany them. These stories can pertain to the written pages, the outside covers of the books, or even to the people who cherished them.   For much else, however, we are in debt to our superior scholars and booksellers, whose […]


The Treasures Laid-In

by The bookworm on November 16, 2012

Often times dealers are selling, along with a particular rare book, other important material that was laid into the book by the owner, author or publisher either for reference or unintentionally. An item laid-in is something which is included with, but not attached to the book, such as a sheet of paper, a card, a […]


It was given a catchy name “The Last Book Sale” and it was promoted as “The shelf-lot auction of the century!”  Author Larry McMurtry’s legendary Booked Up Inc. stores #2, #3 and #4 were sold at a public auction on-site in Archer City, Texas on August 10th and 11th. Approximately 300,000 books in over 1500 […]


With the book fair peak season well underway, sponsors, dealers and collectors are looking forward to yet another rewarding year coming from the traditional rare book marketplace, which proved time and time again to be very much alive. From the very early beginnings in the Middle Ages, despite internal strife and religious upheaval, books became increasingly […]


  There is something to be said for attending a rare book fair in the mid autumn season. As I travelled down curving roads that were lined with brilliant hues of reds and golds on my way to the Pioneer Valley Book and Ephemera Fair in Northampton MA last Sunday, I felt a sense that […]


One of the hardest tasks for a seller or owner of an antiquarian book collection, is evaluating or determining a book’s fair value. Whether preparing to sell or appraise your books for any reason, the unique attributes inherent in the world of rare books, deems the task “approximate”. Finding out a book’s current value, in […]