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by Liz on December 20, 2013 · Children's rare books

The Christmas Cat

Throughout her extraordinary career as an author and illustrator of some of the most delightful children’s stories, Tasha Tudor was careful to incorporate all that is lovely into each of her enthralling works. This task meant, of course, that Christmas and cats could not be exempt from her wonderful works in children’s literature. This most necessary inclusion came in the form of the heartwarming tale, The Christmas Cat.

From the very first cold, wintery days across the land, cats of all shapes and sizes settle in for a long and cozy span of time spent amongst numerous quilts and rare patches of sunlight. Their infectious purring and amusingly twitching whiskers indicate that they are happy and comfortable indeed, as they wait for the world around them to thaw from its long, frozen stillness. Tasha Tudor and her daughter, Efner Tudor Holmes, very effectively pull at the heartstrings in their story, however, by presenting a converse situation in their sweet children’s story.

In a rare collaboration between mother and daughter, The Christmas Cat was conjured from the hearts and minds of two women who understood that the true meaning of Christmas comes from something as simple as love. Through the sensitively narrative pen of Efner Tudor Holmes, and the ever endearing paintbrush of Tasha Tudor, a touching Christmas story for the young and the old was born.

In The Christmas Cat, a homeless cat plods exhaustedly through the snow drifts in search of a warm and loving home. As the darkness closes around him, he quickly loses hope of ever finding refuge. At the same time, in a warm and happy home, two little boys long for a cat to call their own, while worrying that the harsh winter storm swirling outside will prevent Santa Claus from making his due call at their home. In his infinite wisdom and exuberant good will, Santa Claus bears the storm and unites the tired and hungry kitty with the lonely boys, in an ending that radiates all that Tasha Tudor held dear: children, cats, and warm holiday memories.

As is characteristic of Tasha Tudor’s works, the pages of The Christmas Cat exude childhood innocence and wonder, calm stillness, family love, and the joy that only animals can bring. Coupled with Efner Tudor Holmes’ poignant tale of redemption and second chances, The Christmas Cat is easily a much beloved Christmas tale for any individual of any age.

The Beautifully illustrated and sensitively penned tale of The Christmas Cat is certainly worth its weight in gold in the hearts and minds of all who behold it and read its lovely contents. In the rare book market however, The Christmas Cat first edition published by Thomas Y. Crowell in 1976, can be purchased at the bargain price of $30 with some signed copies going for less than $100.

As the Christmas season is now upon us, there is no more perfect way to embrace the holiday spirit than to grab all whom you hold dear, a warm blanket, a few mugs of cocoa, a couple of cats and, of course, The Christmas Cat. The warm and loving spirit of Tasha Tudor is sure to abound.



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