Christmas gift

At a local book trade show not more than three months ago, I had the opportunity to meet up with a few old friends and exchange some provocative conversations relating to my favorite topic – books.  The antiquarian book dealer in this particular conversation was delighted to bring up some quite interesting points on the […]

As Christmas steadily approaches, it is nearly impossible to refrain from experiencing some form of stress or another, when one reflects (often with dread) on the countless lists of tasks and responsibilities that demand one’s attention before December 25th arrives. It is during these frantic and frenzied moments that a simple pause in a comfortable […]

Throughout her extraordinary career as an author and illustrator of some of the most delightful children’s stories, Tasha Tudor was careful to incorporate all that is lovely into each of her enthralling works. This task meant, of course, that Christmas and cats could not be exempt from her wonderful works in children’s literature. This most necessary […]

As the yuletide season is upon us, it is only natural that among merry thoughts of snowfalls, wrapped gifts and fires flickering on the hearth, the rare books of the festive author and illustrator Tasha Tudor should come to mind. Tasha Tudor took great delight in the Christmas season, and put much creativity into lovely […]

What do Christmas and rare vintage books have in common?  The answer is …the famous first edition of the Charles Dickens book – A Christmas Carol.  This immortal novel written by Charles Dickens is easily one of the most loved Christmas stories ever written, while the scarcity of its first edition has given some fortunate book collectors a […]

With Christmas just around the corner, last minute shoppers are looking for ideas to buy gifts for their loved ones. Offering a rare book as a gift is definitely a choice that is not thought of by many but is nevertheless a wise choice for many reasons. Rare books are appreciated by many people because […]