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Treasures illustrated by Tasha Tudor

by Liz on September 21, 2011

Gingham clad children frolicking in an abundant garden. A large family excitedly gathered around a blazing Advent wreath. A panting Corgi dog eagerly scampering after a flitting butterfly. Each of these delightful scenes has one very important thing in common: they are the creations of the late and much beloved author and illustrator Tasha Tudor. […]


We track monthly sales from a variety of sources and compare the highest sale price items to historic quarterly pricing to determine if there is a significant shift upward. The results are further analyzed to determine the book categories being impacted. Our current book category breakdown includes: Art/Photography/Architecture Business and Economics Children’s and young adults […]


Between 1957 and 1961, Nelson Doubleday publishers, contributed the most amazing children’s books encapsulating the classical stories of the time with contributions by some of the better known illustrators and artists of our times. This was a very important series as it contained much original material from 7 Newberry Winners and illustrations from 8 Caldecott Winners. It […]