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The Jewels of Passover

by Admin on April 17, 2019

At the start of this year’s Holy Week a terrible blaze engulfed Notre-Dame. As I watched the spire of the cathedral fall, I wondered how destructive smoke and flames have often been to books throughout history. Vulnerable older editions from the 16th, 15th and even 13th centuries must have survived the misfortunes brought about by […]


Once Upon a Simpler Time

by Liz on June 26, 2015

In the midst of our current, diverse, fast paced, competitive, corporate ladder climbing, rat race of a day-to-day society, nearly every work-worn and weary individual holds in common the ability to think back to a simpler time during childhood where anything and everything was possible between the covers of a book. Throughout that small window […]


“I am Eloise. I am six.” From these six simple words, the reader is at once hurled on board a captivating and enchanting amusement park of laughter, good times, and the impish antics of one very self assured and important little girl. For countless generations, Kay Thompson’s Eloise books have delighted, enthralled and amused children […]

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Happy 75th Anniversary Madeline

by Liz on October 23, 2014

“In an old house in Paris that was covered in vines”…… For seventy-five years, Ludwig Bemelman’s iconic words have graced numerous playrooms and nurseries around the globe, as children of all walks in life have snuggled down to hear all about the young girl Madeline’s many adventures. What is extraordinary about Bemelman’s creation is that […]

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While the renowned author and illustrator Eric Carle may be best known for his phenomenal work of children’s literature, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, it may come as a surprise that he additionally illustrated seventy more books, most of which were of his own creation. In today’s book market there are an unabashed 100 million copies […]


This article first appeared on RareBooksDigest February 6, 2012. As hearts and thoughts turn towards the one wondrous day of every year where individuals of all walks in life pause to ponder and reflect on the love which they are fortunate enough to feel for an individual of their acquaintance, it should come as no […]

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     Among the most distinguished American illustrators throughout American literature, Howard Pyle and his apt pupil, N.C Wyeth stand at the forefront. Through Pyle’s and Wyeth’s lively illustrations, literary classics were brought to life, and were received with much acclaim and fame that has continued to this day. Literary favorites such as Treasure Island, The […]

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It was exactly 100 years ago at about this time that the first book by famous, German-language author, Franz Kafka was published. Contemplation (Betrachtung in German) was published towards the end of 1912 and it included 18 short stories that Kafka wrote between 1904 and 1912. In fact, this was the only book published during […]

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Treasures illustrated by Tasha Tudor

by Liz on September 21, 2011

Gingham clad children frolicking in an abundant garden. A large family excitedly gathered around a blazing Advent wreath. A panting Corgi dog eagerly scampering after a flitting butterfly. Each of these delightful scenes has one very important thing in common: they are the creations of the late and much beloved author and illustrator Tasha Tudor. […]