Among the most distinguished American illustrators throughout American literature, Howard Pyle and his apt pupil, N.C Wyeth stand at the forefront. Through Pyle’s and Wyeth’s lively illustrations, literary classics were brought to life, and were received with much acclaim and fame that has continued to this day. Literary favorites such as Treasure Island, The […]

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Among the many valuable and enlightening rare books to be barely found in the rare book market today, none come close to surpassing Herman Melville’s 1851 masterpiece, Moby Dick or The Whale. In addition to providing the reader with a tantalizingly realistic picture of what life on a whaling ship in the middle of the […]


What do Christmas and rare vintage books have in common?  The answer is …the famous first edition of the Charles Dickens book – A Christmas Carol.  This immortal novel written by Charles Dickens is easily one of the most loved Christmas stories ever written, while the scarcity of its first edition has given some fortunate […]

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Rare books for Father’s Day

by Liz on June 14, 2012

     It should come as no great surprise to the avid rare book collector that one of the most desirable and well received gifts to present on Father’s Day is a rare book. Whether you are a first generation rare book collector, or you are a chip off the old block who has emulated your […]