Having identified the Prime Meridian, where longitude is defined as 0°, as being Greenwich, we have also acknowledged the starting point of exploration. An imaginary great circle on the earth’s surface passing through the North and South geographic poles places tremendous appreciation to the explorers who first sailed ship from that point going into strange […]

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Mapping America

by Admin on July 2, 2013

Beyond The Golden Age of Dutch cartography which produced some of the most spectacular Dutch sea charts, or “Pascaartes,” with cartographers Johannes Blaeu and Abraham Ortelius, and Dutch atlas publishers Gerard Mercator and Hondius & Janssonius , the 16th century brought the earliest map to depict America as separate from Asia. The northeast coast of […]

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Illuminated maps in rare books

by Admin on November 9, 2012

Over recent years, books of any period decorated with maps, particularly aged maps, have achieved a prominence of ever-increasing popularity. Although the majority of the best-selling books with maps fall under the traditional definition of ‘antique,’ a number of twentieth and late nineteenth century publications are seeing a fascinating growth in collector interest. Over the […]


The rare books of Greece

by Liz on November 6, 2012

      When the word Greece is uttered, vibrant mental pictures rise up, much like the frothy spray of the Mediterranean as it lands on the pure white choral that its shorelines are so well endowed with. These picturesque mental pictures include such scenes as the warm European sun bathing ancient cities and castle ruins in […]


Rare Books of History

by Admin on May 6, 2012

One of the most important rare book collections is the one that concerns rare history books. Historic events such as wars between nations, government policies and practices of justice have shaped our world over the ages. Without historic documentation, our most celebrated milestones in the history of mankind would have been long forgotten, misinterpreted or […]