Book Care and Conservation

Rare Books Digest hosts opinions and views of international book trade professionals such as the one this week from contributor, book restorer, Alexandros Deligiorgis of Bibliodesia in Athens, Greece. ( When we have to deal with old books, whose covers are missing, and they are seriously damaged or not bound, and need to be restored, what type of binding […]


Last month we published a set of tips and techniques regarding book conservation, and mentioned a number of book care supplies that can be extremely helpful in carrying out some fundamental book preservation tasks. This month we will provide more details on some of the specific products from specific conservation suppliers that are available and […]


We all have come across books that are in bad condition. Books that have suffered the consequences of exposure to one or more of the enemies of paper books, such as water, mold, smoke, dirt, direct sunlight, dust, insects, bad shelving and so forth. As any rare book collector should be familiar with, some of […]


Rare Books Digest occasionally hosts opinions and views of international book trade professionals such as this week’s contributor, book restorer, Alexandros Deligiorgis Bibliodesia in Greece (     To my mind, book restoring should not be considered an ordinary job, just a means of livelihood and nothing more than that. It serves our cultural heritage. […]


Rare religious books have high value not only in a monetary sense, but in a sentimental way as well. Their sentimental value increases even more if they have come from the holy land, or perhaps the country of the family’s ancestors. In our rare religious books article, the value of several rare books that were sold over the past years were listed in […]