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The first quarter of 2012 marks the return of the best performer of the Rare Book Sale Monitor (RBSM) category breakdown –Arts/Photography/Architecture, to pre 4th quarter 2011 levels. Our top performer showed a slight decline in price appreciation during the end of last year and had a mediocre 2011 performance overall, which was very uncharacteristic. […]

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  During the late nineteenth century, if you desired to be in touch with the new movements in art, it was indispensable to turn to French literature. It was an especially favorable choice to refer to the particular productions of a brilliant young author, M. Pierre Loüys, who had acquired wide popularity and whose work had been translated into German, Czech […]


When people hear of super rare comics that are bought and sold at extremely high prices, they are convinced that these books are worth so much more because of their age.  A reasonable assumption considering that there is a significant correlation between scarcity and age.  Old age has a way of eating away at tangible […]


Treasures illustrated by Tasha Tudor

by Liz on September 21, 2011

Gingham clad children frolicking in an abundant garden. A large family excitedly gathered around a blazing Advent wreath. A panting Corgi dog eagerly scampering after a flitting butterfly. Each of these delightful scenes has one very important thing in common: they are the creations of the late and much beloved author and illustrator Tasha Tudor. […]


The art inside the book

by The bookworm on September 2, 2011

The popular phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” is often used to convey that a complex idea can be represented and communicated more quickly and efficiently with just a single still image. In the world of rare books the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand …….”(fill in the currency), is sometimes more […]