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Various institutions throughout the world are demonstrating the attractive features of rare books in exhibit, museum, library events.

This video highlights the early and spectacular development of public, semi-public, and private libraries in Islamic land between the 10th and the 18th century, from Spain to India and from Timbuktu to Sarajevo. A lecture by Laurent Ferri (Curator of pre-1800 Books and Manuscripts, Cornell University Library). Selected bibliography: ATIYEH, G. N. (ed.), The Book […]

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The production of richly illuminated manuscripts continued well after the invention of the printing press. A good example of their value for research in cultural history, in particular the history of portraits1 , is provided by the sumptuous manuscript of Petrarch’s poems in Italian (4648 Bd. Ms 24+) produced in Florence around 1465-70 and acquired […]

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How often do you discover a book of interest in a bricks and mortar bookstore and, instead of buying it on the spot, you complete the purchase of that same book online? According to a recent survey by the Codex Group, approximately a quarter of all books purchased online fall into that category. Bookshops have […]


Thank You!

by Admin on February 5, 2013

Much of what we do here at Rarebooksdigest.com is discovering rare books, and the stories that accompany them. These stories can pertain to the written pages, the outside covers of the books, or even to the people who cherished them.   For much else, however, we are in debt to our superior scholars and booksellers, whose […]


     Among the most distinguished American illustrators throughout American literature, Howard Pyle and his apt pupil, N.C Wyeth stand at the forefront. Through Pyle’s and Wyeth’s lively illustrations, literary classics were brought to life, and were received with much acclaim and fame that has continued to this day. Literary favorites such as Treasure Island, The […]

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The Treasures Laid-In

by The bookworm on November 16, 2012

Often times dealers are selling, along with a particular rare book, other important material that was laid into the book by the owner, author or publisher either for reference or unintentionally. An item laid-in is something which is included with, but not attached to the book, such as a sheet of paper, a card, a […]


In ancient Roman times, those who could afford it commissioned workers to build impressive courtyards in their homes which amassed grandiose fountains and intricate tile mosaics, in an effort to display their prominence and prestige. Today the fervor towards exhibiting personal interests and good taste in homes has turned a bit more subtle.  Now more […]


While on vacation on the small island of Cyprus, I was pleasantly surprised with the opportunity to explore a Turkish Cypriot rare book store. After a tip from a local businessman I made my way towards the center of Nicosia, the capital of the island, to travel from the Greek side of the city to […]

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Last month I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the London Super Comic Convention at the Excel Centre. On top of that, I got to meet Stan Lee, the legendary comic book creator best known as the man who created the Marvel Universe, and got an exclusive, authenticated poster signed by him. Needless to say […]

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2012 – The Year of China

by Liz on December 30, 2011

Among gloriously illuminated paper lanterns and grandiose and elaborate paper dragons, China will be observing the New Year – 2012, with an expanded advocacy toward book publishing, a significant and prominent boost of book sales, a strong multinational attendance of local book fair events, and an extremely rare Chinese book purchase by Brown University! In […]